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【Thai sightseeing】Going to good sightseeing spot in Phuket,Thailand

Thai travel spot

There is flight ticket under 100 USD between Bangkok and Phuket. The price about two way ticket Bangkok to Phuket is just 1,500THB-3,000THB.It’s cheap,isn’t it? If you pay US dollar,it’s about 50USD~.       And Bangkok to Chiangmai…The domestic flight in Thailand is more cheaper than International flight.   The recommend domestic flight company・・・

Thailand Transportation

Traffic in Thailand Travels Thailand

This article will show you in detail about Transportation Tipson getting around Thailand from the real travelers and locals.Public transportations are quite cheap here.Local buses cost 7-10 THB per trip, the Skytrain and Subway in Bangkok cost 15-50 THB, and Metered taxi starts from 35 THB.

【Basic knowledge about Thailand Trip】Thailand Money

Basic knowledge

Thailand Money You should have basic knowledge about Thailnd Money when you go to Thailand. Thailand money is Thai Baht(THB). It’s depend on floating exchange rate system so the rate change everyday. How to get Thai Baht?? How to get Thai Baht is ①Exchange cash in exchange counter Use a ATM ②Cash advance by credit・・・

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