You need a 90-days report if you stay in Thailand over 90 days.

What is Visa that long stay in Thailand?

Non-Immigrant Visa-ED

Non-Immigrant Visa-B

Non-Immigrant Visa-O-A

PR-Status ※If you don’t stay in Thailand a year,it’s expire.


What is 90-days report in Thailand?

If you are foreigner and stay in Thailand over 90 days,you have to make a 90-day report and submit to immigration office.


What is the purpose?

The purpose is check the address and you are alive


The period is started every when enter Thailand.

The 90-days period is started when you enter the Thailand.

It’s meant the period is restarted if you back to home country and come to Thailand again.

So you don’t need making a 90-days report.

How to submit 90-day report

①Visit to Immigration office

This is a sure way of making a 90-days report but a dense crowd in public office is famous like a traffic-jam.

You might need a day.

This is only way if you never submit 90-days report.


②To send by post

You can send 90-days report by post if you make it second times.

You must not forget a envelope with 10 Baht stamp.


③To make internet(there is many trouble now)

It’s the most easy way but many mistake.

Finally,you spend many time.

It’s not sure that internet in Thailand.


What’s need for making 90-days report?

You can download document in thai immigration website ⇒Thailand Immigration Download Form


・Arrival card(Departure card)

・90-days report⇒Download the 90-days report(Word)

・A envelope with 10 Baht stamp.

・90-days report you made before if you have


If you have any question,you had better go to One-Stop Service Centre

If you have any question about 90-days report,you had better go to One-Stop Service Centre for Visa and Work Permits.

It’s in 18th floor Chamchuri Square Building,Phaya Thai,Bangkok.

What’s penalty if forget 90-days report?

It is better to keep rules if Thai immigration at all times during you stay in Thaialnd.

If you forget or don’t submit 90-days report,the penalty is usually 2,000 Baht.

In case of you know you don’t make it, it increase to up to 5,000 Baht.


Some  company make 90-days report for you

We don’t make 90-days report.

But we can introduce the company making 90-days report for you.

Please contact us⇒Contact us(coming soon for English)

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