How many success rate that hit on lady in Thailand?

If you are man,you should visit to alone travel Thailand.Because there is many beatiful girl in Thailand.
In case of I try to ask Thai girl LINE or some chat tool contact information,maybe the success rate is about 90%.

The technic about up to get the contact information

You should take care of where,word,timing when ask about contact information.

Thai language・・・you may think it’s so hard but you don’t need Thai language.

In fact,almost Thai people can speak a bit English.

If you want to exchange LINE,you should say “Change LINE OK?”.That’s all.

I recommend into somewhere when you try to hit on girl.

For example massage shop,girls bar,club,restaurant,bank….it’s a safety way.

If you can speak Thai language,you may success to hit on Thai girl on the road.

The best timing is eye contact to girl.When you find a target girl,you continue to see until eye contact to the girl.

Thai people have a good and open mind.So they give smile for you when take eye contact.

This is a real video⇒How to Get Girl’s LINE Thailand Trip

Matching application is effective measures for get a girl in Thailand

Hit on girl into internet or application is a effective measures in Thailand.

I have ever used BeeTalk,Tinder,Happn,Badoo.

Especially,BeeTalk is maked in Thailand.So it’s the most effective measures.

You used to Thailand,you may get high class girl.

If you used to hit on girl in Thailand,you may get singer,model,cabin crew and something else.

My friend job are almost model or

Be careful

You have to be careful ladyboy when you use matching application.

Ladyboy in thailand is very beautiful.You can’t distinguish ladyboy from real lady until you used to thailand girl.

Especially hit on girl in application,you have to distinguish by the profile photo.

Real hit on girl is a safe way more than use matching application.

Anyway you have to believe in yourself.

Good luck.

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