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What is 90-days report? How to long stay in Thailand.

Basic knowledge

You need a 90-days report if you stay in Thailand over 90 days. What is Visa that long stay in Thailand? Non-Immigrant Visa-ED Non-Immigrant Visa-B Non-Immigrant Visa-O-A PR-Status ※If you don’t stay in Thailand a year,it’s expire.   What is 90-days report in Thailand? If you are foreigner and stay in Thailand over 90 days,you have・・・

【Basic knowledge about Thailand Trip】Thailand Money

Basic knowledge

Thailand Money You should have basic knowledge about Thailnd Money when you go to Thailand. Thailand money is Thai Baht(THB). It’s depend on floating exchange rate system so the rate change everyday. How to get Thai Baht?? How to get Thai Baht is ①Exchange cash in exchange counter Use a ATM ②Cash advance by credit・・・

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