Thailand Money

You should have basic knowledge about Thailnd Money when you go to Thailand.
Thailand money is Thai Baht(THB).
It’s depend on floating exchange rate system so the rate change everyday.

How to get Thai Baht??

How to get Thai Baht is
①Exchange cash in exchange counter
Use a ATM
②Cash advance by credit card
③Withdraw money by debit card
The best way is ①.You should use cash as possible as in money exchange counter.

What’s the exchange rate thai baht and US dollar??

Exchange rate of thai baht is floating exchange rate system.So exchange rate is changed everyday.
You can think 1 US dollar is about 34 thai baht.
100 US dollars is about 3,400 thai baht.

What’s the thai bills??

Thai money bills are 1,000 , 500 , 100 , 50 , 20.

What’s the thai coin??

Thai money coin are 10 , 5 , 2 , 1.
And under 1 baht are 50 satang and 25satang .

There is new bill and old bill about Thai Money.

There is new bill and old bill in Thailand.
You should give attention when use ATM.There is case some new bill can’t use ATM.
When you use new bill ATM,the bill return.
Top bill is new and down one is  old.

For example

500ml water 7 baht(about 0.2 USD)
500ml cola 21 baht(about 0.6 USD)
Starbucks tall size ice coffee 100 baht(about 2.9 USD)
※a bit expensive in airport star bucks
Taxi first price 35 baht (about 1 USD)
Taxi price about Bangkok to PATTAYA 1,500 baht (about 43 USD)
Thai massage 1 hour price 200 baht ~ 250 baht (about 5.8~7.2 USD)

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